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Doc's Profiles

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Author Topic: Doc's Profiles  (Read 868 times)
Gym Caretaker and Lord of Lightning
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The deformed Heir of Rai

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« on: December 04, 2007, 10:45:44 pm »

-Name: Thunderbird “Inazuma” AKA Doctor Dylan Worm the 10th
-Race: Lightning elemental 1st house *possessing a humanoid form*
-Primary Weapon: Battle staff “Indora”- An 8ft collapsible staff with all of its elemental slots have been filled with lightning mods, allowing Doc to super charge himself if necessary. On extremely rare occasions, Doc may choose to warp the segments of the staff into sharpened points, or separate them entirely and control each independent of the other 7 pieces (there are 8 total)

-Secondary Weapon: Indestructible Gauntlets-A pair of full arm length gauntlets equipped with a xenomorph generator, able to summon any body part/phase of a xenomorph desired.
(info @:
Xenomorphs are alien life-forms with the scientific name Internecivus raptus, or in Yautja tongue, the Kainde Amedha, they have 5 main stages; egg, face hugger, chest-burster, "Adult", and Queen. The stage adult also consists of a near infinite variety, as they absorb traits form the parent organism in the "chest-burster" stage, giving each Xenomorph it's own unique "flavor" Doc can also shoot Xenomorph blood from the gloves as a high grade acid (as in melting Adamantium high grade). The gauntlets also are capable of creating sharp talons at each fingertip, capable of cutting through Adamantium like butter though intense vibrations of the talons.

-Tertiary weapon: Garb of the Thunder-eater- Doc's armor, designed by the ancients for elementals that assumed human form, Doc's armor has been augmented for his own uses, such as being proofed for immunity to light/holy and fire based attacks & having been retro-fitted to have the ability "consumption" which absorbs bones and flesh that aren't essential for the opponent to sustain life (ex. bone control's jutting bone spears) Also, due to the armor's design, Doc's entire body is covered, minus his gauntlets, which are their own weapons.

-GmB#1 Call of a True Thunderbird- "calls down" a Colossal, thunderbird from the heaven to pierces 1 target OHKOing them, also damaging all other targets in a very close area.

-GmB#2 GmB#2 Rage of Indora- (must be in Indora form for 2+ turns) Indora suddenly removes its mask revealing its Soul-less eyes, out of nowhere, Indora launches a barrage of 10,000 physical strikes on the opponent, crushing them within their own defenses.

-GmB#3 Carrion Horrors- (must be in Carrion form for 2+ turns) Carrion Lets out a shriek and summons thousands of demon birds to disembowel the target.

Ability: 1)
 Absolute Lightning Dominance
- lightning Spheres (spheres of lightning energy...)
-chain lightning (can be immediately shot or charged up, gains power the longer it charges, hits several times).
- “Tremendous Lightning” several chain lightning bolts fused into 1 giant pillar of lightning.  (Must be charged)
- Needle lightning storm- create a frenzy of tiny barb like lightning bolts which are fired from the hands, they stun the target on impact. (1-2 turns, 1 if def is more than 3)
- Increases in power if hit by any electricity or electric attacks. (Cannot take damage from electric/lightning based attacks)
- Can create EMP pulses to disrupt technology. (Lasts 1 post)
- Can create a/the lightning veil to protect self and even teammates (must be touching) from harm from solid attacks and deflect some elemental attacks.
- Can create Electric distortions to void gravity within and around them
- Can use electromagnetism to force any magnetic object or any metal/ metallic objects to bend to my will, this includes IW items.
- Able to temporarily take control of any electrical system.
- Can also mold lightning arcs and use them as whips, ropes, ECT.
- Can force any body part to enter pure form/ghost/phase making self immune to almost any attack, but cannot attack while in this form… (Is intangible while ghosting)
- Divine lightning rod- all electrical attacks used in battle are immediately drawn to Doc and Absorbed (travels in straight lines unless obstructed) can be suppressed to allow free travel of lightning
-Eyes of an elemental- can see things regular humans cannot  (can see auras of any living creature, even while they are cloaked/invisible) also allows Doc to see in area's with little or no light.
-Thunder wings- allows Doc to  sprout wings made from electrical energy combined with matter absorbed from a nearby source, the thunder wings are constantly intangible except at the sharp edges of the feathers.
- “POKE OF DOOM” not a move in it own right but worth mention, allows Dr. to poke through the opponent’s back and into their spinal chord, rendering them completely immobilized (until restored by another electric jolt)

Ability 2)
 Burn immunity:
 is immune to burn damage…enough said…

Ability 3)
 Heralds of the Great Winged Lords- able to become “Thunderbird Indora” or “Blood raptor Carrion”
-This ability allows Doc to become either Indora or Carrion in battle at will.
While in the Form “Indora”…
-Indora is immune to light based attacks.
-Indora’s possesses all of thunderbirds abilities used at x2 power
-Indora’s base stats are increased to 6X Doc’s current level.
-Indora is similar in appearance to Thunderbird, except he has 2 large, Grey wings that pulse with lightning. His hair is Navy blue with purple highlights.
-Indora transforms the battle staff “Indora” into “Thunderhead” the Pole-axe (becomes both a solid IW weapon and a plasma/intangible weapon allowing it to hit ghosting opponents)
-Indora can use a lightning move titled "Seeker lightning" (homes in on targets until it hits or is nullified/destroyed)
-Indora is capable of using Light control for short periods of time.
-Indora cannot be used until after 3 post in a battle (or 6 posts after Carrion is suppressed into Doc’s base form)

Whereas while in the form “Carrion”
-Carrion is immune to all dark attacks.
-Carrion possesses all of Doc’s abilities at 2X power
-Carrion’s base stats are increased to 6X Doc’s current level.
-Carrion resembles a half vulture, half man creature with 6 red wings, red feathers, and talon clad hands and feet, and a giant, indestructible beak, Carrion stands 9ft10in
-Carrion absorbs the battle staff to increase its resilience & therefore has no weapon, but instead has a IW skull & beak.
-Carrion can use the lightning attack “shriek of plasma” which launches a concentrated beam of darkness infused lightning at the opponent out of Carrion’s gaping mouth (must be on ground to fire)
-Carrion can increase his power or heal by eating any living material (or by absorbing lightning or dark energy)
-Carrion is capable of using darkness control for short periods of time.
-Carrion cannot be used until after 3 post in a battle(or 6 posts after Indora is suppressed into Doc’s base form)

Ability 4)
Psychic Sounds
Allow Doc to use a series of status inducing moves, though the use of psychic & sound waves.
 -Psychic scream/Psycho Voice-Doc telepathically and audibly sends out a Psychic wave that Destroys clones, image beings, illusions, Nobodies, Golems, Replicas, sentient furniture,  sentient weapon (sentient/puppet items/weapons  only lose power for the screams duration as if they were players) . Also Psycho voice stuns all opponents for 2 of Doc’s posts (6 turn cool down)  (as a side effect of this move Doc is immune to stun/freeze)
 -Psychic Roar/ Monster’s voice- Doc Telepathically and audibly sends out psychic waves that force all opposing clashers to end transformations and return to base forms and not be able to re-transform for 5 of Doc’s posts (after this 1) for every transformation that is canceled, Doc’s transformations gain +2 in all stats (ex 25 strength +1 opponent de-transformed = 27 strength)
-Psychic Howl/Fierce voice- Doc Telepathically and Audibly sends out psychic waves that causes all opponents to not be able to use GmBs for 5 of Doc’s posts after the howl is used.

Ability 5)
 Panda summoning
-Allows Doc to summon Cybernetic pandas to fight for Doc, Pandas resist all status effects and can explode on command.
Panda stats:
strength: 5/5
Mana: 1/5

Ability 6)
 Primordial Hunger
-PH allow Thunderbird (and all other transformed states) to absorb any Wooden, elastic, rubbery, or metallic material that they come in contact with, the substance in question appears to melt upon contact with Doc’s body, however the substance actually shift dimensions for the remainder of the battle, this can includes IW weapon (they are returned to normal when the battle ends)

Ability 7)
 Ziz Seal Release
Doc’s body Transforms as the seal that binds Ziz weakens, the more AP collected the more powerful Ziz grows; currently Ziz shows all stats at Doc X12
-Ziz can use all of Doc's abilities and moves used at X3 power, Ziz can also absorb light and dark energy to increase his own stats during battle.
-Ziz cannot be used unless Doc or Doc's teammates have already made a combined total of 5 Combat posts.
-The battle staff “Indora” becomes the IW halberd named “Vengeance”.
-Ziz Can use fire, lightning, darkness or light energy freely and can fuse them into stronger attacks if desired.

 Ability 8)
 Primordial Might and Fury
-The ability prime evil might and fury allows Doc to infuse his attacks with any Harmonic frequency/resonance desired, thus allowing Doc to destroy almost any object or increase the resilience of any object by multiples of its normal level. As a side effect of this Doc gains limited control over sound waves.

Ability 9)
 Father's endless heartbeat
 this ability allows Doc to ignore all abilities that have negative effects on Doc's stats (ex. reversals or locks),in the case of reversals, instead of losing stat points, the involved stats increase by double the intended amount, while at the same time halving the corresponding stat of the opponent(s). If the opponent has an ability that locks stats, the ability is ignored in the locking aspect. This ability also grants Doc "the Blessing of Lord Rai " giving him 2 extra defense points.

Ability 10)
Dimensional Control
With this Ability Doc can control dimensional movement & balance energies.

Weight: 196lbs
Skin: pale flesh
Eyes: hidden by mask ( are all grey with yellow pupils that change colors occasionally )
Hair color: Dark neon Red with green highlights
Hair style: Long spike going backwards
Outfit: White bird mask (covers entire face above mouth) Black Battle Tunic with one full sleeve and one half sleeve, Grey pants with gold trim, brown and Grey shoes, a Brown long necked poncho/overcoat thingy, black and Gold belt.

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 1/5 (3/5 with endless heartbeat)
Rage: 1/5

misc. Thunderbird doesn’t require breathing to survive and can survive in vacuums like space, is omnipotent while in the gym. If removed, the thunderbird mask weighs roughly 500Lbs if held be someone other than Doc, Tomomi, Zeldafan, or some of the lesser known users.


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Gym Caretaker and Lord of Lightning
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The deformed Heir of Rai

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« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2007, 05:51:40 pm »

Name: Marcus
Race: Death Elemental
Weapon: Demon’s Wrists (IW)- a pair of IW elbow length gauntlets with retractable wave swords/wing blades and spiked knuckles. (adds +1* the strength if used in rapid succession, does not stack)
Secondary Weapon: (key)Chains of fate(IW)
a set of Key chains who allow marcus to instantly summon any of his minioins desired, depending on which is used, they include
-Chucky's arm- the bones of a human arm with a scythe and chain shackled onto it, can be used as a scythe and summons Chucky
-Billly's treats- a candy shaped key chain with a pumpkin on it, summons Billy
-the sentinal- a cross shaped key chain that summons Monky
-Galixy drop- keychain of a sun moon and star overlapped, summons the dark minions (honey, floog, REM)
-primal fear- a goldfish shaped keychain that summons Twist

Third Weapon: Lecil the Soul Train- a train driven by Marcus for collecting souls, It includes:
-An infinite Rail System that creates it's own tracks as it goes.
-Gummy Hyper-Gatlin Turrets on each side. (infinate ammo)
-Gummy Hyper-Cannons on top. (infinate ammo)
-made out of a nigh-unbreakable non-metallic compound (Neo-mantium)
-the train itself in udgodly heavy.
-entire train has Lightning, Fire and Ice Empowerment!
-is able to compact itself to the size of a small toy train.
-Has sentient intelligence and independant thought, has the voice of an 8 year old child.

Ability 1)
Darkness Control
- has the ability to manipulate darkness to use as an attack
-Black bolts- is able to rapidly throw negatively charged plasma energy.
-Dark meld- allow marcus to dive in/through shadows to move quickly/avoid attacks, if the shadow is destroyed while he's inside ,he can simply exit through another nearby shadow
-Dark claw- is able to extend his body along shadows or create shadows to move across for sneaky, long ranged, physical attacks (think shikamaru's shadow possession from naruto)
-dark field- if marcus is hit with a powerful enough of an attack, he can desperse his body as a cloud of dark particles, lessening the damage and allowing him to reform next turn, he cannot attack the turn he reforms however.
-Black gaze- creates a void of light in the opponent's eyes, causing htem to lose their vision for 1-2 turns depending on their distance from Marcus when this attack is used. This ability also grant Marcus perfect vision in the dark.
-Tendrils of darkness- thousands of tentacle-like objects explode from all the nearby shadows and ensnare the target, immobilizing them completely after contact for 2 posts. (stacks over time)
-Trick flight- Marcus uses his giant bat wings to Fly around at light speeds, wings can be damaged but they heal after 1 post.
-Chucky- A death elemental minion that looks like a skelaton with 1 wing. he possesses all of Marcus' abilities with the exception of imagination, Marcus and Chucky are able to spontaniously change positions like a substitiution jutsu, chucky's entire left arm is IW since that arm is the weapon chucky's arm, which cannot be used by marcus while chucky is active.
              -Chucky's stats mimic Marcus' except when Marcus' GmB is activated

-Minions of Darkness- allows marcus to call upon several dark spirits to aid him in battle. they come in three types

Dark Moon:             Dark Star:                Dark Sun:
strength:2/5           Strength: 5/5         Strength: 2/5
Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5             Speed: 5/5
Defense:1/5            Defense: 1/5          Defense: 4/5
Rage: 4/5               Rage: 1/5               Rage: 1/5

Ability 2)
- Marcus enshrouds the entire arena with a giant, thick, purple and black cloud, the Miasma has several uses:
-Anyone inside the miasma for more than 2 turns begins losing 1 Strength point every 2 turns until they reach 1 strength, this effect can wear off after 2 turns outside the Miasma (must be consecutive)
-The Miasma Drowns out all light and Holy energy, causing all attack of that variety to fail while inside or to simply stop upon contact with the miasma.
-Because the miasma is mostly intangible, it cannot be altered by abilities like alchemy, and since it is an extension of Marcus’ body, it cannot be controlled by an opponent’s abilities.
-Because it is so thick, those inside the miasma are near blind unless they are able to see in the dark, this also allows Marcus to move anywhere within its range very quickly by way of dark meld.
-all Darkness based attacks deal double damage within the miasma's radius.
-Marcus is able to fire a short range concentrated burst of miasmal mist from his mouth to instantly poison the target with the miasma's "strength dooper"
-All other poison related abilities/items that enter the miasma and instantly diffused of their poisonous capabilities while inside.
-As a result of spending countless days at a time within the miasma, Marcus is immune to most poisons even while not inside the miasma.

Ability 3)
Nature Perversion

Allow Marcus to control and Mutate plant life in various ways:
-Birth and Death of the Green world: Marcus can cause any plant (alive or dead, so wood objects included) to grow, shrink, wither, or die in any environment(specific examples below)
-Briar Wall: Marcus can use this to allow his body to erupt with plant-like thorns that have adamantium class strength
-Briar storm: Marcus can shoot projectile forms of briar wall at light speeds.
-Synthesis: this ability drains the power of all opponents who use the light or holy element (-1 star in each stat unless the stat is one)each turn. If synthesis is used in battle, Marcus or Billy can use it to increase all of their stats by +1 for each of the opponents stats that went down) additionally, Billy can regenerate faster if this has been used.
-Venusian Prison: a specific "nature perversion" move that causes giant venus flytraps to spring from the ground and ensnare the opponent, holding them for 2 turns, unless they have 4 or more strength in which case they Can break free sooner.
-Hydro Choker: when used it infects all nearby water with a mutated version of "red tide", taking on a black and purple hue, it makes all the liquid poisonous to the touch, if contracted, the subject loses 2 defense unless they will have less than 1 as a result. Hydro choker continues reducing defense until the opponent's defense reaches 1. only removable by extreme heat.
-Contact Spores: a giant cloud of floating yellow and black spores that poison anyone who comes in contact with them (teammates excluded obviously) if infected, they spores cause the player to lose 1 speed for each turn they are within the cloud, the spores can only be removed by strong winds or by pulling them off by hand.
-Billy: Billy is a summon/helper of sorts, he is made almost entirely of vegitation and plant-life, he has the ability to speak, but only those with some extent of plant control can understand him (unless certain conditions are met). Billy can use all of the "Nature Perversion" moves as well as a few other nature related tricks like regenerating wounds over time that isn't burn damage (because he is a plant after all, he regenerates broken limbs and such as a rate of 1 limb per opponent's post.)Billy can also transform into a kind of plant armor and psuedo-fuse with Marcus to improve Marcus' stats.

Billy's stats            Billy Armor (on Marcus)
Strength:4/5                    Strength: 9/5
Speed4/5                         Speed: 4/5 (on ground) 5/5 (while flying)
Defense:2/5                     Defense: 3/5
Power:2/5                        Rage:  4/5

Ability 4
King of The Gummified World

With this ability, Marcus' entire body can become elastic or stretchy at will. It also makes Marcus able to control anything that is Gummy, Elastic, Stretchy, Rubbery, or made from similar materials as the waist of underpants.
Literally all things of the prenamed list are fully under Marcus' control. I'll also take this time to remind everyone Gaffit sold Marcus a gummy worm generator (which is in the Misc. area seeing as it isn't a weapon)  that will function for 300 years, giving 300 years worth of gummy worms ^.^.

Ability 5
Marcus' Twisted Imagination

With M.T.I. Marcus can spontaniously spawn anything from his imagination into the real world, enabling it to help him in battle. Marcus can spawn anything from sentient candy to giant, evil, teddybears.
The ability works similar to "painting abilities" only without the need for a brush or other medium.
-This ability is the alternate route to summoning Monky and Twist.

Monky: (a living scarecrow)
strength: 1/5
Defense: 5/5
Power: 3/5

Twist: (a half man, half shark)
strength: 10/5
speed: 5/5
Defense: 5/5
Rage: 3/5

GmBs -
Team: Elemental rulers

Strength:4/5 (5/5 with a Demon knuckle combo)
Speed: 5/5
Rage: 2/5

Height: usually 6’2” due to his posture (7'1" when he actually stands up straight)
Weight: unknown
Skin tone: completely white
Eye color: all yellow
Hair color: Bright orange
Hair style: long, no real style
Garments/clothes: Hell’s jester suit (red and grey) indestructible gauntlets(demon's knuckles)

Misc: -doesn't require air for breating and can survive inside vaccumes. is able to automatically "Fear" animals that attempt to attack, stopping their attacks cold.
-Own an infinate gummy worm generator.

Bio: A creature from the chaos realm that seeped through to our realm when the dark chapel collapsed, he is very loyal to Doc and is by all means insane and mentally unstable. Its hard to tell if Marcus is ever actually aware of what he's doing, sometimes when fighting its almost as if he thinks its a game. is addicted to gummy worms.

(Marcus' group theme: at 2 minutes into the song you can hear Marcus' voice (or something close to it anyway))

wins:8 Draws:0 Losses:0
AP: 31
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« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2010, 08:00:26 pm »

*Breaks a window*

*Sneaks inside*

*Steals the Super Panda Secret formula before dashing off to his own topic*
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