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Profile Rules

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Author Topic: Profile Rules  (Read 285 times)
Judgment Angel Zero
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Welcome to Clash of Smash! ;D

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« on: December 03, 2007, 05:46:49 pm »

To fight you must apply like this:
Secondary Weapon:
GmBs (leave blank if you lack one)
Team(leave blank if you lack one

Stats: (out of 5, 12 stat points total)
Mana/rage/power/jump/(depending on character origins and style ONLY PICK 1 of them!!!)

(Each player is allowed to have 2 characters; you may not fight one against the other to gain AP)

Description ( either fill out in below fashion or post a scanned picture)
Skin tone:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair style:

(Note about weapons: some weapons can be declared indestructible or Cut anything, both are allowed, however when 1 meets the other in battle they cancel each other out Ex. C.A (cut all) Vs. IW (indestructible weapon), if a weapon breaks in combat it is automatically repaired after the fight no charge) C.A weapons can only be Obtained through the clash mart at their market price of 3000JD. Indestructible weapon can be used from the start of the game.

Bio: (optional but is preferred)

Clash Mart:
You may change your weapon by going over to the Clash Mart. For full terms & conditions, ask in-store.

Every user may have 2 abilities that aid them in battle at the beginning. Once again, no god Modding Also, no abilities that essentially allow you to do whatever you want. For example: “can cast never before seen spells”. Stuff like that isn’t allowed.

To gain more abilities, you must gain 10 AP. (increase as you gain GmBs)

To gain a God-Mod Breaker, you must gain 40 AP.

You CANNOT, repeat CANNOT, change your profile in the middle of a fight. Your profile during a fight is the last profile you posted (so you can’t activate a new ability or new GMB unless you’ve updated your profile to include it).

Certain abilities have limiters added on to stop them from being too powerful they include…
-Elemental immunity-your can have up to 3 of these abilities and each can only protect from 1 element each
-Elemental control/dominance/powers- you can up to 3 of these but each can only control 1 element (please describe its uses)
-Other “control” abilities follow the same rule as elemental controls, 1 per ability and 3 total.
-Magical moves please describe all its uses
-Any attack that used TK(telekinesis) requires the clasher to not be in motion while using it.
-Character moves- please explain what show/movie he/she is from so that it can be checked for verification if a problem arises.
-Helper summons- there is a limit to how many creatures,, you can summon around 20 unless its your GmB to summon an army I guess..(Please show their stats)
-Portals are only usable on the caster or friendly targets, not opponents, Also they have a 1=1 cooldown (meaning if they are used in a post, the user must go at least 1 post without using them again, or else the cooldown time increases)
-Teleporting follows all the same rules as Portals, encluding its cooldown factor
-Ghosting/phasing (going through object without harming the object) follows all the rules of teleporting and portals
-Clashers are not allowed to have abilities that allow them to create indestructible/ cut anything items.
- the abilities that nullify the effects of abilities like light immunity or poison immunity aren’t allowed.
- No clasher is aloud to have an ability that grants "limitless" stats, for obvios reasons...

These are the elements used in NS:
Light (holy)
Dark (shadows)
Grey (neutral element)
Heart (no1 ever uses this 1)

Additional notes: some poeple were confused about the actual value of the stats. I decided to offer a explaination for their values
ALL stats are Basic human values at 1/5

Strength 2/5- is able to lift 150 Lbs easilly 300 max.
             3/5- is able to lift 500 lbs easily 1000max.
             4/5- is able to lift 1500 Lbs easily 3000max 
             5/5- is able to lift 5000 Lbs easily 10000max
(strength follows a pattern of lvl to weight, repeat it to get strength values over 5)

Speed 2/5 wolf speed 
speed 3/5 cheetah speed 
Speed 4/5 speed of sound   
speed 5/5 speed of light

(speed Max's out at 5/5 even with more stars, you won't go faster)

Defense 2/5- human wearing leather armor
Defense 3/5- human wearing steel armor
Defense 4/5- can shrug off a war hammer smack
Defense 5/5- go ahead, jump in front of that semi, you'll be ok ^_^

(defense can go over 5, but specific example vary depending on circumstances)

Jump 2/5- kangaroo
Jump 3/5- pile-banker legs
Jump 4/5- flea like jumping skills
Jump 5/5- you can just fly

(jump is an aux skill, if you don't have jump, just add speed to strength and devide by 2 to get your jumping abilities, or spend an ability on super jump/flight)

Rage 2/5- you can increase your stats by 1 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 10 turns to increase again.
Rage 3/5- you can increase your stats by 2 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 9 turns to increase again.
Rage 4/5- you can increase your stats by 3 each for 3 turns in a match, you must wait 8 turns to increase again.
Rage 5/5- the pinnacle of furious fighting, you can Double all your stats for 2 turns during a fight, but you must wait 8 turns after it wears off to use it again.

(Rage is best used when applied to a warrior-type character, with physical attacks and fair speed)

Power 2/5- allows the user to absorb small electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming burn.
Power 3/5- allows the user to absorb medium electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming stun/freeze.
Power 4/5- allows the user to absorb large electric attacks for 1 post with a 4 post cooldown, taking no damage, as well as instantly overcoming poison.
Power 5/5- same as power 4, only this user also instantly overcomes any 1 status he/she is afflicted with at the end of the turn/post.

(power is "geared" towards a robotic or mechanical player,using its metal skin to protect from status and such, though non mechanoids can use this as well)

Mana X/5: mana is simply the amount/number of magic based attacks you can use per turn, as the number get higher, more attacks can be launched per turn and each gains slightly more power per level.

Originally Written By:  DoctorWormX
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Pic by Doc.

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